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Human Capital

Ray-Mont Logistics is a very dynamic and challenging organization which owes its success to the excellence and dedication of its staff. To sustain our growth and in order to achieve our highest goals, we strive to find the best individuals on the market and to make sure they are linked to our values. You think you are the perfect candidate? We want to work with you!

Benefits of working with us :

  • Enjoy a unique and dynamic work environment, constantly changing and devoid of routine.
  • Various shifts available, promoting in all-time the work-family balance;
  • Benefit from a competitive compensation and from a benefits package (group insurance coverage, RRSP) that meet individuals' specific needs;
  • Receive specialized training from high-qualified employees;
  • Use many available overtime hours to increase gross income;
  • Being inspired by performers, eager to excel and make the difference;
  • Have the opportunity to exercise significant responsibilities within the work environment;
  • Maximize its career development within the same company;

Employment Opportunities

Does Ray-Mont Logistics interests you? Send us your résumé and a brief cover letter justifying why you would be the obvious candidate to join our team.

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Our HR Values


Aside from having the best available skills and knowledge within the industry, Ray-Mont Logistics employees are chosen based on their attitude. Our employees’ positive philosophy, decisiveness and meticulousness, rather than brute talent and experience, are the factors that determine their respect to the company’s values and clientele.


By working at Ray-Mont Logistics, the employee commits to the company’s guiding principles, which is to invest time and effort in achieving organizational goals and to be actively involved in the search for solutions that are aimed at improving existing processes.


By establishing extremely high standards of excellence in terms of performance and by requiring a commitment toward obtaining results, the company obtains the best from their employees on a daily basis while helping them to surpass themselves.