Integrated Logistics Solutions

Our mission

To facilitate international trade by enhancing the container supply chain: collaborate seamlessly, optimize relentlessly, simplify skillfully, connect successfully.

Our Core Values


In every aspect of our work, we take pride in a job well done. By seeking excellence in our service delivery, information accuracy and the protection of cargo integrity, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations.


Ray-Mont Logistics fully understands that finding customer-specific solutions is the key to maintaining its leading edge over its competition. In this sense, adaptability combined with a specific comprehension of our customer's requirements remains at the heart of our concerns.


It is by continuously improving and refining its technology, machinery and processes, that Ray-Mont Logistics has quickly made its mark on the industry. Innovation is the company's undisputable key lever for business growth.

Our vision

To become the essential link in the international business logistics supply chain by emerging as the major player in the circulation of goods within the context of globalization.