Ocean Freight Forwarding

With the conception, composition, and development of Ray-Mont Logistics Freight Forwarding Divisions over a decade ago, Ray-Mont strived to provide a Vertically Integrated Logistics Solution to its valued customers, partners, and suppliers alike, while focusing to enhancing the operational efficiency of the terminals, and the overall supply chain as a whole.

With the supply chain traditionally viewed as inflexible, unadaptable, with little visibility or transparency throughout, Ray-Mont Logistics persevered to seek out industry professionals, proficient in their field, with a constant focus on the core values which define Ray-Mont’s vision, who believed there were alternative solutions to the status quo, and sought out to remove the stigma’s traditionally associated to the trade. Today, through the dedication of Ray-Mont Logistics experienced, committed, and service focus team members, the once blurry logistics supply chain has come into focus, with quality, innovative, and flexible Freight Forwarding

Over the last twenty five years of existence, first in the capacity as Transloading Operator, and then in the functionality as a Freight Forwarder, Ray-Mont Logistics has developed extensive, and long term partnerships, with all major ocean carriers worldwide, for the comprehensive benefit of for all industry stakeholders. These partnerships, allow Ray-Mont Logistics to offer a multitude of options with reliable global carriers, to meet your individual shipments needs, in a timely, cost efficient manner.

ATTITUDE, PERFORMANCE & COMMITMENT are the heart of each and every employee, to provide quality, comprehensive & timely service. Ray-Mont is proud to employee a variety of industry specific professionals, who combined offer multiple years of logistics experience within the market All of these elements combined, united together, are integral to growth and success of our Freight Forwarding divisions, which provide us the flexibility to adapt to emerging market and supply chain disruptions, while continuing to maintain a high standard of quality.

Ray-Mont Logistics is also proud to be the designated Freight Forwarding agent in Canada for the United Nations World Food Programme!

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1751 Richardson, suite 4.500

Montreal, QC, Canada, H3K 1G6

General Manager: Jason Sehn

Sales inquiries: sales.canada@ray-mont.com

General information: info.canada@ray-mont.com



300 N. Mullan Road Suite 101,

Spokane Valley, WA, 99206

General Manager: Teri Zimmerman

Sales inquiries: sales.usa@ray-mont.com

General information: info.usa@ray-mont.com


For sales inquiries or to learn more about how Ray-Mont’s Freight Forwarding divisions can be of benefit to you.