Ray-Mont Logistics Legacy

The legacy of Ray-Mont Logistics began in 1992, founded on Francois Raymond’s vision for a more productive, economical, and efficient Transloading method in the industry. This vision came to fruition with the opening of the first Ray-Mont Logistics Terminal in Montreal, marking the start of a legacy that would expand across the continent.

Our Mission

At Ray-Mont Logistics, our mission is to facilitate international trade by enhancing the container supply chain. With this goal always in mind, we are committed to advancing through seamless collaboration, relentless optimization, skillful simplification, and successful connections with our valued clients, partners, and suppliers. This dedication enables us to continually innovate and provide high-quality, flexible logistics services that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our efficient, technology-driven, and versatile solutions are the driving force behind our daily operations and our team’s efforts.


To become the essential link in the international business logistics supply chain by emerging as the major player in the circulation of goods within the context of globalization.


To facilitate international trade by enhancing the container supply chain: collaborate seamlessly, optimize relentlessly, simplify skillfully, connect successfully.


Keeping our focus on our vision is what we do with passion and through our core values.


We take pride in excelling at every facet of our work, from delivering outstanding service and ensuring information accuracy to protecting cargo integrity, always aiming to surpass our customers’ expectations.


Ray-Mont Logistics is committed to maintaining its competitive edge by tailoring solutions to meet customer needs. Adaptability and a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements are central to our approach.


Ray-Mont Logistics has rapidly established itself in the North American industry through continuous improvement and refinement of its technology, machinery, and processes. Innovation is the company’s undisputed key driver of business growth.

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